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16th TiE Lumis Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards: Honoring those who have demonstrated resilience in the face of economic challenges, maintaining a clear long-term vision and strategy for success.

As we usher in the 16th year of the TiE Lumis Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards, we stand at a pivotal moment in the Indian startup ecosystem. The past year's challenges, marked by high-interest rates and cautious investment strategies, are giving way to a more optimistic outlook for 2024. Venture capitalists are now renewing their focus on early-to-growth-stage startups, indicating a significant shift in the investment landscape. This positive change is driven by more reasonable valuations and a renewed emphasis on solid business fundamentals over-inflated valuations.

In light of these developments, the TiE Lumis Awards this year will celebrate the resilience and adaptability of startups that have not only navigated the funding winter but are now poised to thrive in this reinvigorated environment. We aim to honor those innovative enterprises that have shown exceptional prudence and agility, restructuring their business models towards sustainability and profitability. These are the startups that have shifted focus from mere fundraising to achieving strong unit economics and attracting global investor confidence.

Key benefits include:

  • Coverage across prominent TV segments, focused on leaders of tomorrow.
  • Opportunity to engage with some of the most globally renowned marquee investors in specially curated sessions.
  • Mentorship program to hand-hold your next few steps, by prominent Industry leaders.
  • Exclusive workshop hosted by Lumis partners, with an opportunity to interact with previous winners.
  • International exposure through various networking and mentorship opportunities.

[ Eligibility ]

  • In business for less than 5 years

  • Private independent entities

  • Rs. 1Cr. in revenue OR have 5 paid clients

[ Evaluation ]

  • Sustainable Business Model: Recognizing startups that have successfully adapted their business models to ensure long-term sustainability, focusing on strong unit economics and efficient operational strategies.
  • Financial Discipline and Prudence: Honoring startups that have exhibited exceptional financial discipline, including effective cost management, prudent fund allocation, and avoiding over-reliance on external funding.
  • Innovation in Adversity: Celebrating ventures that have demonstrated innovative solutions and pivoted effectively in response to the changing economic landscape, particularly during the funding winter.
  • Scalability and Growth Potential: Acknowledging startups that have shown clear potential for scalability and growth, backed by robust business fundamentals and market understanding.
  • Positive Impact and Value Creation: Rewarding businesses that create significant value for their customers and stakeholders, contributing positively to the industry and society, even in challenging economic conditions.
  • Investor Confidence and Attractiveness: Recognizing startups that have successfully attracted investor interest due to their strong business proposition, ethical practices, and future growth prospects.
  • Resilience and Long-term Vision: Honoring those who have demonstrated resilience in the face of economic challenges, maintaining a clear long-term vision and strategy for success.


[ Winners 2022/23 ]

- Lynkit -

- Nakad -

- Lissun -


[ About TiE Delhi-NCR ]

The Delhi-NCR Chapter of TiE, one of the biggest and most vibrant of the TiE chapters, has unique significance. It seeks to engage not only with entrepreneurs but also with policy makers, in order to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship. It seeks to become the bridge that would connect Indian government and industry with successful Indian entrepreneurs across the world, many of whom are regarded as thought leaders.

The Delhi-NCR Chapter is among the largest and most vibrant across the vast TiE network. In the last 10 years, it has emerged as the forum of choice for startups, serial entrepreneurs, VC and angel investors, policy makers and academia. At the heart of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, TiE Delhi-NCR plays the role of an ecosystem builder by bringing in multiple stakeholders and values to align with the common goal to foster entrepreneurship.

TiE Delhi-NCR conducts over 50 events every year covering aspects of entrepreneurship like funding and finance, marketing and sales, expanding into new geographies and business and organization management.

[ About Lumis Partners ]

Lumis Partners is a private equity fund focused on investing in business services companies leveraging technology and global operations to grow and succeed. Lumis' leadership team takes pride in its roots which are deep in Industrial rigor & discipline to manage domain-rich, technology leveraged, service businesses.

Lumis has a rigorous and disciplined investment philosophy, as well as an intense focus on operational participation. Our operating experience and global resource network allows us to attract and infuse superior management teams with significant operating expertise which further supports the success of our equity investments. Whether it is managing growth and scaling up, or strategic focus and product offering transformation, or operating process excellence, our investments benefit from a core team of industry established professionals, and an extensive network of senior executives and specialists with a track record of having delivered exceptional value in similar situations in the past.

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